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A guide to replacing your outdoor garden furniture cushions

foam cut-to-size for outdoor and garden furniture cushions

Spring is just around the corner, with longer and warmer days beckoning. So now is the ideal time to look to see if you need to replace the cushions on your garden or outdoor furniture and be prepared for the summer season.


Cushions for garden furniture can help turn your outdoor living space into the perfect area to relax and entertain. Whether you have a gazebo, garden chairs or benches, or sun loungers for your garden, at some point you will need to replace the foam inside the cushions to ensure continued comfort, support and enjoyment.

It’s at this time of year you can take a look at the condition of your outdoor furniture and if the existing cushions are tired and have lost their plumpness then choose a replacement foam that is especially made to endure the outdoor weather conditions, such as reticulated foam. Using this type of foam means that you don’t need to worry about bringing your cushions in every night as they will survive a typical British summer.

If your outdoor cushion covers are fading and losing their natural water-resistant properties then replacing them with new bespoke outdoor cushion covers will bring the whole piece of furniture back to life.

So if you are looking to replace your outdoor sofa cushions in order to extend the life of your garden furniture, there are a number of things to do to get the best results. The most important is measuring your existing outdoor cushions accurately.


• To get the most accurate measurements for your outdoor furniture cushions, put the existing cushion (cover only ideally) on a flat surface. Pull the cover tort but not stretching it, and measure from one side to the either going from seam to seam and measure as near to the front or back corners as you can (if there is piping then measure inside the piping). If you measure in the middle the material can stretch more so gives a less accurate measurement. Please bear in mind that some covers are wider at the front than at the back (or vice versa), so please check this too.

• Next, using the same technique as above, you’ll need to measure from the front edge to the back edge of the cushion.

• Lastly, you’ll need to measure the thickness of the cushion. Once again pull the cover tight measure between the seams and record this measurement. We recommend rounding up on all measurements above as the cover will pull the foam in and ensure a snug fit.

Once you have recorded your measurements enter them into our foam price calculator choosing the shape you require. Choose our Reticulated (outdoor foam). This type of foam lets the moisture and liquid pass through leaving the surface dry to the touch and gives a firm supportive seat and is perfect for outdoor use such as garden furniture and deck cushions and mattresses.

We recommend adding the fibre wrap to all cushion replacements as this gives the cushion a fuller finish, the fibre wrap will be in addition to foam so do not reduce the dimensions of the foam to accommodate for this.

However, if you are not confident about getting an accurate measurement, then why not take advantage of our cushion replacement service?


If you are creating bespoke outdoor seating, foam cut to size and shape is the ideal solution to ensure that you can create the perfect seating area. So if you require a shape that is not shown then please call us on 01293 989163 as we can cut and shape you need.

At the end of the summer, remember to store the furniture away somewhere clean and dry as this will ensure that your outdoor garden furniture will last for many years to come.