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How sofa cushion foam wears out over time

Over time, and with constant use, your sofa cushion foam may start deteriorating. Its ability to spring back to its original shape after compression, also known as resilience, deteriorates with time leading to saggy, lifeless cushions. Factors such as poor quality foam, excessive weight, exposure to sunlight and moisture can further speed up this wear and tear process. Understanding these…

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How to rejuvenate your old sofa

Your sofa cushions may need to be refilled over time as they can lose their shape and appearance. Direct Foam offers high-quality foam filling as an option to rejuvenate your old sofa. What’s inside your sofa cushions? Sofa cushions can be filled with different materials such as foam, feathers, and polyester. Foam is a durable and low-maintenance choice that retains…

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yacht and boat cushion foam

How to Rejuvenate Your Boat Cushions

At Direct Foam, we make it as simple as possible for you to get the foam you need to rejuvenate your boat or yacht cushions. Many manufacturers don’t provide the specialist requirements for those customers who need to replace or restore their boat cushions. Because many of our customers need cushions made of unconventional sizes or from a certain grade…

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