Clipped Bolster Cushion Foam Cut To Size

To get the most accurate measurements for your clipped bolster cushions, it is best to use your existing cushion covers where possible. Your old clipped bolster cushion foam may have become misshapen and not provide accurate measurements.

Carefully measure your existing clipped bolster cushions and enter the size in mm, cm or inches following the directions on the foam shape. If you need further help then take a look at our step by step guide on how to measure your clipped bolster cushion foam below.

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Our firm durable recycled foam is the perfect choice when you need a budget foam. It is particularly good for bar stools, gym use, church pews etc.
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This high impact, lightweight packaging foam is suitable for all kinds of protective packaging requirements including flight suitcases, briefcases and cardboard boxes. Please note that this foam is not fire retardant and therefore not suitable for upholstery.


Reticulated foam lets the moisture and liquid pass through leaving the surface dry to touch and gives a firm supportive seat. This type of foam is perfect for outdoor use such as garden furniture and deck cushions and mattresses.

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Standard Foam

With a super soft feel, this quality foam is suitable for occasional use furniture. It is mainly used for back cushions but if you are looking for something very soft for other types of cushions then this is the best option. Not suitable for any seating cushions.

Our standard medium foam is great for all seating and is widely used in the soft furnishings industry. We recommend the medium option if your cushions are thicker than 7.5cm (3 inches).

Much like the standard medium foam, this foam is widely used across the industry. It can feel quite firm as the depth increases so we recommend this option when your cushions are less than 7.5cm (3 inches) thick. This standard foam is suitable for all manner of seating including window seats or dining chair pads.

Premium Foam

A very soft foam, its sumptuous feel allows you to sink into the cushion and its quality means that it will always spring back quickly to its original shape. Suitable for most sofa cushions and mattresses.

Just like the soft grade of foam, the ultimate medium foam is widely used for cushions and mattresses. It provides slightly more support than the soft option so for this reason it is our most popular choice and it is what we recommend for sofa cushion replacement.

This is the firmest foam option and provides a very firm level of comfort. It can be used for sofa cushions and mattresses. So if you prefer a firmer cushion and want unrivalled longevity then this is the option to choose.

Luxury Foam

Our luxury soft foam is great for all seating if you require a softer level of comfort. The foam is designed to withstand regular daily use so it will keep its shape and comfort for many years. It’s also excellent for mattresses and sofa beds, offering a medium/soft feel.

The luxury medium foam offers a bit more support than our luxury soft option. It will last longer than the standard foam and is designed for daily use so suitable for most sofas and chairs. It is excellent for all mattresses and is our recommended foam for caravans, motor homes and campervans.

The luxury firm foam provides a very firm cushion so if you require lots of support then this is the best option to choose. It’s perfect for raising cushions and we recommend it for window seats and bench cushions that are 7.5cm thick or less. And with unrivalled quality, it lasts longer than the standard foam.

Our ultimate back foam is most suitable for the backs on your sofa and has a medium/soft feel. And because the backs are not weight bearing, this is where you want the comfort to be.

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We strongly advise the use of stockinette undercovers. The stockinette goes over the foam cushion to reduce friction between the foam and the cushion cover, therefore allowing the cushion to regain its original shape. They also facilitate easy removal and insertion of your new covers and will also help to prevent unsightly creasing of cushion covers.

Fibre Wrap

To further enhance the appearance of your cushions, we can cover your foam cushion with a polyester fibre wrap. This is bonded to the cushion to give the cushion a softer, rounder look. We use a fibre wrap on nearly all cushion replacement as it gives the cushion a more rounded look to them and gives a fantastic finish when fitted inside your cover.

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Bespoke service

All of our made to measure foam cushion covers for indoor and outdoor use are created to the highest standards by our dedicated and professional cushion making team.

Fabric selection

For indoor use, British made Cantare fabric is the newest development of water cleanable fabric, it’s hard wearing and comes in a range of 21 gorgeous colours. The fabric is super soft and almost any stain or spill can be cleaned using just water and a lint-free cloth. For outdoor use, British made All Seasons fabric is a collection of specialist plain fabrics suitable for outdoor and marine use. It’s hard wearing and comes in a range of 14 gorgeous colours.

Read more about cushion covers.

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Firstly, measure along the clipped bolster cover seams from corner to corner, making sure that you pull the cushion cover taught to get the best fit. Ideally, you should measure the back and front of each cover as measurements may vary between sides.

Next, measure the depth of your cushion, measuring from seam to seam. If the cushion cover is piped, measure between the piping. The clipped bolster cushion foam you order should be the size of the cover’s border width. Please factor in a fibre wrap finish which will add approximately 1cm to the top and bottom of your cushion. Do not measure across the middle of the cushion as it may be curved and compromise your measurements.

Lastly, input your measurements making sure you choose the measurements you have used millimetres, centimetres or inches.