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At Direct Foam, we stock a wide range of upholstery foam products all at very competitive prices. The following is a list of foam grades available.

If you are looking for a custom size foam block or a specific foam shape cut to size, please visit our foam price calculator, where you can order any of these foam grades cut to your exact size and shape.

Fire Retardancy

All the materials that we supply conform to the requirements of Schedule 1 Part 1 of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire/Safety) Regulations 1988. (B55852, Source 2).

Please contact us if you require a certificate of conformity and we will happily send this on to you.

Standard Foam

Our standard foam is ideal for all types of use but we recommend it for more occasional use. So if you are planning on more regular use then we would recommend our premium or luxury grades. Our standard foam is available in three firmness options to suit your specific requirements. All our standard foams are fire retardant to the UK furniture fire regulations.


Standard Soft Foam

This is the softest grade of foam in our standard range. It is mainly used for back cushions but if you are looking for something very soft for other types of cushions then this is the best option to choose. (24KG density & 65 Newton hardness).


Standard Medium Foam

Our standard medium foam is great for all seating and is widely used in the soft furnishings industry. We recommend this option if your cushions are thicker than 7.5cm (3 inches) (33KG density & 160 Newton hardness).


Standard Firm Foam

Like the standard medium foam, this foam is widely used across the industry. It can feel quite firm as the depth increases so we recommend this option when your cushions are less than 7.5cm (3 inches) thick (33KG density & 175 Newton hardness).

Premium Foam

The premium foam range is designed for everyday use and represents excellent value for money. As with all our comfort foams, it’s available in soft, medium or firm depending on the level of comfort you require. If you want the best that money can buy and a longer lifespan then our premium foam range is our recommended grade of foam for sofa cushion replacement. All our premium foams are fire retardant to the UK furniture fire regulations.


Premium Soft Foam

Our premium soft foam is great for all seating if you require a softer level of comfort. The foam is designed to withstand regular daily use so it will keep its shape and comfort for many years. It’s also excellent for mattresses and sofa beds, offering a medium/soft feel (39kg density & 120 Newton Hardness).


Premium Medium Foam

The premium medium foam is a popular choice as it offers a bit more support than our luxury soft option. It will stand the test of time, last longer than the standard foam, and is designed for daily use. It is also excellent for all mattresses and is our recommended foam for caravans, motor homes and campervans (39kg density & 155 Newton hardness).


Premium Firm Foam

The premium firm foam offers a very firm cushion so if you require lots of support then this is the best option to choose. It’s perfect for raising cushions and we recommend it for window seats and bench cushions that are 7.5cm thick or less (39kg density & 200 Newton hardness).

Luxury Foam

Our luxury range of foam is simply the best available in the UK for upholstery, soft furnishing and bedding/mattress requirements, so even with daily use it will last for many years. Even after several years of use, we expect this range of foam to be very similar in look and feel to the day that it was bought. We recommend our luxury foam range for cushion replacement due to the longevity and excellent levels of comfort it provides. All our luxury foams are fire retardant to the UK furniture fire regulations.


Luxury Soft Foam

This beautiful foam is exported to furniture manufacturers around the world and is popular due to its luxurious levels of comfort. A very soft foam, its sumptuous feel allows you to sink into the cushion and its quality means that it will always spring back quickly to its original shape (50kg density & 100 Newton hardness).


Luxury Medium Foam

The luxury medium foam is widely used for cushions and mattresses. It provides slightly more support than the soft option making it our most popular choice and it’s what we recommend for sofa cushion replacement. As one of the best cushion foam money can buy, you will not be disappointed with the quality and comfort it provides (50kg density & 100 Newton hardness).


Luxury Firm Foam

This is the firmest foam option in our luxury range and provides a very firm level of comfort. This is not suitable for everyone, but if you prefer a firmer cushion and want unrivalled longevity then this is the option to choose. Like all our luxury range, it can be used in mattresses so if you want something exceptionally firm then this option is ideal (50kg density).


Premium Back Foam

Our premium back foam is most suitable for the backs on your sofa, this has a medium/soft feel. Because the backs don’t hold much weight this is where you want the comfort to be.


Recycled Foam

Our firm durable recycled foam is the perfect choice when you need a budget foam. This foam is industrial foam waste which is granulated and bonded together, then compressed into blocks. It is particularly good for bar stools, gym use, church pews etc.


Packaging foam

This high impact, lightweight foam is suitable for all kinds of protective packaging requirements including flight suitcases, briefcases and cardboard boxes. Please note that this foam is not fire retardant and therefore not suitable for upholstery.

Reticulated foam

Reticulated (Outdoor foam)

Reticulated foam lets the moisture and liquid pass through leaving the surface dry to touch and gives a firm supportive seat. This type of foam is perfect for outdoor use such as garden furniture and deck cushions and mattresses.

Easy Cushion Replacement Service

Replacing cushions just got easier

If your  cushions are too soft, sagging or just need replacing then why not take advantage of our professional easy cushion replacement service.

You simply send your covers directly to us and we fill them for you. No measuring is required.

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