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Memory foam for pet beds

As a pet owner, finding cost-effective ways to treat your pets is important. Careful consideration of their health, food, and accessories can help manage expenses. When it comes to pet beds, foam is a great choice. Thicker foam provides a comfortable bed for your pet to rest and sleep, and is gentler on their body compared to thin, cushion-less beds….

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Spruce up your home interior this spring with cushions

Looking to spruce up your home interior this spring? A great way to refresh your space without breaking the bank is by incorporating a variety of cushions. They can bring all the elements of a room together and give your space a brand-new look. SELECTING THE RIGHT COLOUR PALETTE When selecting cushions, it’s important to consider your existing colour palette….

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Cushion ideas to refresh your home décor this spring

Is it time to update your existing furniture for the new season? As the days grow brighter, your interior décor becomes more noticeable, and cushion covers, in particular, can look faded and worn. The answer is to rejuvenate them with new bespoke tailormade cushion covers in a piece of fabulous upholstery fabric. This will give your living room furniture an…

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