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Spruce up your home interior this spring with cushions


Looking to spruce up your home interior this spring? A great way to refresh your space without breaking the bank is by incorporating a variety of cushions. They can bring all the elements of a room together and give your space a brand-new look.


When selecting cushions, it’s important to consider your existing colour palette. Falling in love with trendy cushions won’t do you any good if they clash with your current decor and require you to redecorate. Take a look around your room and identify a couple of accent colours that you’d like to incorporate. These can be found in smaller elements like vases or old photo frames. Choose cushion covers in shades of these colours or opt for varying patterns in the same tone.


Experimenting with designs and styles can add a touch of excitement to your cushion selection. If you love mixing patterns, go for it! But if you find plain designs boring, consider adding texture to your cushions. A reversible fabric can offer multiple looks at a lower cost. To add interest, try combining both large and small-scale designs with solid-colour cushions.


Mixing and matching different shapes and sizes of cushions can create a visually appealing arrangement. Don’t be afraid to play around with variations. To create balance, place larger cushions with subtle patterns towards the back and smaller cushions with intricate and vibrant designs in the front. Don’t forget to explore different finishes, such as an oxford edge or a piped cushion. With a buttoned cushion and a plain cushion, you’ll create a multi-sensory experience that will make your sofa irresistibly cosy.


Decide on the number of cushions you need and how to arrange them. You don’t want to overwhelm your friends and family with an excessive amount of cushions. You want your bed or sofa to look comfortable without feeling overly stuffed.

You may wonder why odd numbers are preferred. The lack of symmetry in odd number groupings forces people to look around the arrangement.

In your living room, you can enhance the effect by grouping your cushions to one side of the sofa instead of arranging them symmetrically on both ends. However, if you prefer a perfectly organised interior, even numbers and a symmetrical arrangement might work for you. And why not get creative with the colours? Go on give it a try!


We offer a fantastic variety of colours in our cushion fabric selection, made by Cantare. This British-designed fabric is water cleanable, durable, and it comes in 21 stunning colours. Its super soft texture makes it easy to clean any stains or spills with just water and a lint-free cloth. Our skilled and dedicated cushion making team creates high-quality, made-to-measure cushion covers. They will bring your custom cushion ideas to life to match your vision perfectly.