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How to reuse or recycle your old sofa

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Like other large upholstered furniture pieces, thinking about what to do with an old or worn-out sofa can be a challenge.

But don’t let your sofa end up in landfill, adding to the already enormous amount of waste. It may require a little more work, but there are many ways you can sell, donate, recycle, or reuse your old sofa.


If your sofa is clean, stain-free and sturdy, you can probably sell it or donate it to a charity. In most cases, potential buyers or charity groups will even pick up the sofa from your home.

• Put your sofa on Preloved or eBay if it’s of high quality. If you don’t think it’ll go for much, try putting it on Freecycle.
• Tell your friends and family. More often than not, someone is looking for a sofa or knows someone who would be more than willing to take it off your hands.
• Advertise near a local college or university. Students are usually in need of furniture and don’t really have a preference as to what it looks like, as long as it’s clean and cheap.
• Charity organisations such as the Salvation Army and The British Heart Foundation will take collect upholstered furniture as long as it is in good condition. Give them a call to confirm before taking your sofa over.
• Keep a look out for a church, community centre, or school jumble sale, and donate your sofa to them.
• Some charity organisations are almost always willing to take furniture that’s in decent shape. Try the Reuse Network.


Before getting rid of your sofa, think about reusing it. Is it totally destroyed? Or does it just need a good spruce-up? Try having it professionally cleaned, or rent a steam cleaner to get any dirt or stains out of the fabric and cushions. Buy some new throws to freshen it up. Removable covers are another great option — today these are available in a great variety and choice of fabric and colours, and can even be custom made. Also, if you don’t want your sofa in your living room, maybe it can be used in a guest room, playroom garden room or garage. Explore your options before throwing it out.


Sofas contain many of the same parts as mattresses and can be broken up into pieces and the individual pieces recycled. Look on for a location near you that recycle sofas. You could look at the option of you taking it apart yourself, and recycling the respective parts. The wood, cotton fabric, foam core, and springs can all be dismantled and reused or taken to recycling facilities.

Another option is to reupholster your sofa. Reupholsters are craftsmen, and can completely redo the foam, lining, and fabric all to a very high quality. But do your research as a quality upholstery job can cost as much as a new sofa. The great thing is that you will get a custom piece while saving your sofa from the landfill.


If your sofa is starting to look and feel worn out and uncomfortable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s time for a new one. Have you considered replacing your sofa cushions instead? At Direct Foam you can buy replacement sofa cushion foam cut to any shape and size you need.

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1. If you do decide to buy a new sofa, now or in the future, there are a few things worth considering.
Make sure you buy a good, high-quality sofa that will last a long time. Not only will this save you money over the years, but it will also mean that it will last longer and wear better.

2. Take good care of your sofa including wiping up any spills, keeping pets from scratching the fabric or upholstery, and repair any damage straight away as maintaining the quality of your new sofa will make it much easier to sell when you’re ready for a new one.