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Is it time to upgrade your tired sofa – use our cushion replacement service

cushion-replacement-serviceFor many people their sofa is more than a piece of furniture, it’s part of their life and making sure that it lasts as long as possible is more important than ever.

1.6 million tonnes of waste goes to landfill each year and approximately 42% of that is furniture. Even more shocking is that 50% of that 1.6 million tonnes could be reused!

Sofas and armchairs account for some of the biggest and heaviest pieces of furniture in the average household. But a lot of people make the mistake of believing that having worn out sofa cushions means that the whole sofa needs replacing. And if a sofa’s no longer comfortable to sit on, it’s not serving its purpose. But we have a quick and simple solution.


In the past sofas were made with foam cushions but now many have fibre cushions. Fibre is a much cheaper alternative to foam, and while it will give you plump looking cushions to begin with, long term use will see these cushions flatten and become less comfortable to sit on.

Direct Foam can provide you with replacement sofa cushions, made of high density foam which can replace cheaper filled foam or fibre cushions. New foam will instantly add height and bounce to your sofa cushions, and ensure that your covers remain plump and filled.


Foam is found in most sofas and cushions either on its own or in combination with other fillings, but foam filling gives the most structured look with crisp edges and a supportive feel. It provides the firmest support of any filling and will keep its shape over time even with constant use. This means there is little to no maintenance required to keep the cushions looking and feeling like new. However, turning your sofa cushions every so often will help to slow any compacting which may occur with use.

foam-sofa-cushionsAt Direct Foam we have a variety of sofa cushion foam to choose from depending on the amount of use the sofa or armchair has:

Our standard foam range is ideal for all types of occasional use. It comes in three foam grades, soft, medium and firm.

The premium foam range is designed for everyday use and represents excellent value for money. As with all our comfort foams, it’s available in soft, medium or firm depending on the level of comfort you require. If you want the best that money can buy and a longer lifespan then our premium foam range is our recommended grade of foam for sofa cushion replacement.

Our luxury range of foam is simply the best available in the UK for upholstery, soft furnishing and bedding/mattress requirements, so even with daily use, it will last for many years. Even after several years, we expect this range of foam to be very similar in look and feel to the day that it was bought. We recommend our luxury foam range for cushion replacement due to the longevity and excellent levels of comfort that it provides.

All our foam ranges are fire retardant to the UK furniture fire regulations.


Whether you are looking for some extra comfort, a better-looking sofa or you are environmentally conscious, replacing the foam, fibre or feathers in your sofa keeps it out of landfill. With over 4.2 million discarded sofas each year this is a real problem for the whole world that needs to be tackled.

garden furniture foam sofa cushionsOur easy cushion replacement service is the best way to be environmentally friendly and save money at the same time. With a wide range of shapes and everything cut to the exact size that you need, you simply choose your shape, enter your sizes and the type of foam and its firmness you require and we’ll do the rest. Delivery is usually within 3 to 5 working days.

So whether you need to replace the cushions on your sofa, foam to replace a seat in a caravan or motorhome or perhaps you need new foam cushions for your garden furniture, by using our easy cushion replacement service, you‘ll be saving money and helping the planet.